What is BridgeBuilders?

Published September 3, 2010 by Michael Fechner

HIS BridgeBuilders is thrilled to be a part of You+Media and You+Dallas! We look forward to getting to know you better in the coming days as we share more stories and information from our organization. We want to hear what you think and what your ideas are for bettering our community. BridgeBuilders is a fluid organization that is constantly adapting and evolving to accommodate the needs of the hurting and poor in the most efficient and personal way as possible. Just to offer a little background on BridgeBuilders, we began over 15 years ago in the south Dallas community of Bonton (just south of fair park). Through the relationship of mike fechner (my father) and velma mitchell the organization was berthed with the focus of enabling new believers in Christ to leave the entrapments of drugs, crime, and poverty found so often in our inner-cities. To do this mike and velma began connecting the needs of the south Dallas community with the resources and influences of north Dallas. Over the last 15 years BridgeBuilders has become a hybrid organization of socially conscious entrepreneurs seeking to create sustainable services that benefit the hurting communities of our city. The differentiation point in what BridgeBuilders does is the human touch. In everything we do, whether job training, GED, men’s basketball leagues, medical care, or new businesses we attempt to engage and encourage each participant through a mentor BridgeBuilders focuses on human development through personal relationships and leveraged resources. You can be a BridgeBuilder in your community by reaching out and meeting the needs of others no matter how small or large. Be a BridgeBuilder today and share the love of Christ with the world.